Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Heard of Sheep

It occurred to me today, while having my morning cup of coffee, that everyone in this town dresses more or less the same. Yes, styles very and some people dress more preppy while others dress more hipster however, what people are wearing in Greenwich is dominated by those who are considered to be "popular". Granted, some of their clothes are trashy and they get drunk every weekend but Greenwich is a lot like Hollywood. The kids who everyone knows about influence everyone else. You see their pictures on Facebook and think that maybe you would be "cooler" if you dressed exactly like that girl. Maybe she would run into you one day and say "Oh, I love your shirt. Where did you get it?"

I'm not trying to pretend that I am so "enlightened" and "above all of it" however, having a strong sense of personal style is more important than dressing exactly like the "it girl". I will be the first to admit that I see those pictures on Facebook and get some ideas about what I should wear tomorrow but I don't copy the look exactly.

Not to beat a dead horse but a lot of these "it girls" dress very "Hipster-y" a look I personally don't like. Unfortunately every other girl in this town follows blindly and wears the exact same outfit from Urban Outfitters. Its like a heard of sheep, everyone striving to dress like the girls who are viewed to be extremely pretty and popular. They're too afraid to wear what they think looks best on them; I have not seen one girl in this town have a "center part" since the second grade. No one would dare part their hair in the middle because no one else does it. In Greenwich, no one wants to be the one that stands out, they all want to look the same, wear the same clothes, and act the same. Its like a cookie cutter, everyone is the same.

While I am generalizing all of the girls of Greenwich, I would like to praise the ones who don't fit that cookie cutter mold. So heres to the girls who chose not to get a feather in their hair; not because their mom wouldn't let them but because they didn't want one. Heres to the girls who would rather wear pearl earrings than feather earrings. Heres to the girls who still shop religiously at J.Crew and not Urban Outfitters. Heres to the girls who have personal style and don't follow the heard.

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