Tuesday, December 20, 2011

casual friday...everyday?

Let's talk about casual fridays. There is a reason they are called casual FRIDAYS, as in, there is no reason for you to dress like a slob everyday of your life. I go to a private school so on a regular day I have to wear a uniform, sometimes like for midterms, they let us dress down at school. They're pretty relaxed about what they let us wear on those dress down days however, it just has to be appropriate. Now, I understand that you are taking a 2 hour exam and that its 8 am in the morning, however, there is no excuse for you to show up looking like a slob. Yes, you can dress comfortably however, they does not mean you can wear an old, ugly sweater that you stole from your grandpa and a pair of lulu lemon yoga pants. I stress NO YOGA PANTS. Leggings are acceptable I like to wear leggings too however, wearing yoga pants (as in the ones that flair out at the end) is never acceptable unless you are coming from or going to some sort of yoga, dance, or exercise event. I don't know what you thought when you were getting dressed this morning but those yoga pants DO NOT look good with that flannel, sorry honey but please put on REAL PANTS. Also, going along with the fashionably challenged, its winter and its cold so you should not be wearing a pink trench coat (yes trench coats are adorable and they have their place however, a pink trench coat is unacceptable.) I am a firm believer in the trench coat and Burberry has certainly perfected it, however, that pink thing you are wearing from the Old Navy kids department should stay in your closet. Going along the same trend, it is never acceptable for someone to wear an outfit of ALL Lilly Pulitzer. I love Lilly and she has some great dresses however, pink and green scarves and skirts and shirts are not meant to be worn in december. Take the scarf off, grow up, and buy clothes that don't look like a crayon box threw up! Thank you.

There is nothing worse than someone who doesn't know how to dress themselves; I'm sorry but I just had to get that out. 

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