Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Breaking" the stereotype

     Boys have started trading in their Vineyard Vines polos for flannels from Urban Outfitters. Girls have ditched the bright J.Crew blouses and high-waisted skirts for Chaser tees and ripped jeans. I live in a stereotypically preppy, rich town and recently kids have really started embracing the "hipster" trend. Over the summer, almost every girl had at least one feather in their hair and almost over night, every girl got a second piercing in her ear. 
      So what happened to those nantucket read pants? Or those caribbean blue polos? What about those preppy patterned shorts from J.Crew? Or the super cute embellished tissue tees? I love plaid, I have several plaid shirts (some of them are even flannel *gasp*). But a pink and red flannel shirt? Really boys? I can deal with the snapback hats and midcalf socks but tacky flannels are taking it too far. They went from looking like Laxbros to looking like stoners. 
    Nothing against acutal hipsters, but these crazy kids are trying to pretend like they don't like in the preppiest town in Connecticut. They can try to be hipsters, but no matter how many flannels they buy or how many polos they throw out, being preppy is still encrypted in their DNA. If everyone were actually a hipster I wouldn't mind at all; to each is own. But they are all trying way too hard to abandon their ways. Someone, (maybe their mothers) needs to tell them that preppy looks better on them then hipster does. So girls, its time to take out your feather and let that second piercing close up. As for the boy, ditch the flannels, hit up J.Crew and get some polos, button downs, and khakis. Oh and don't forget your Sperry TopSiders. 

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