Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whites and Brights.

Dayglow and neon apparel used to be reserved for crazy concerts or frat parties; now however, people are incorporating neon into their everyday outfits. This is one trend that I personally LOVE. While it is not as big this year as it was last year, I still see designers making neon pink or orange pumps, and J.Crew is still creating neon azalea blouses and sweaters (personal favorite). This trend is also one of the more easy ones to wear and make your own. All you really need is something neon. Then pair it with some neutral colors so you don't look like your a walking add for a Dayglow concert. Some great neon pieces that I love are neon pink or blue blouses, they look amazing with dark or white jeans and can be dressed up or dressed down. I am also a big fan of neon ballet flats or sandals. They are very fun and summery and they will also bring out your tan! Another neon thing that I absolutely adore is neon pink nail polish. I wear it all the time in the spring and it brings out your tan and adds a subtle pop of neon to every outfit without being trashy.

Another great thing about the neon trend is that it can be preppy or hipster. You can really wear this one however you want. It also doesn't limit you like some other trends will. The '70s trend and the '20s trend are great however they can be very limiting in some aspects. Neon however, is much more interpretational. Anything bright or neon will work and will look good with a lot of things; and you don't have to go all out neon to pull it off. I actually suggest that you don't wear all neon.

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